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ALL SIGNATURES RECEIVED UNTIL MIDNIGHT OF THE 7TH APRIL HAVE ALREADY BEEN PRINTED AND WILL BE ON THE OFFICIAL DOCUMENT TO HAND OVER TO THE MUNICIPALITY OF LAGOS. You may wish to still sign this letter to register your support for this campaign but it will no longer be included in the official document.

An open letter to the municipality of Lagos: Save Ponta da Piedade

Dear Mayor Hugo Pereira,

We are a group of citizens who believe that the natural beauty of Lagos should be preserved and that it should remain accessible to the public, so future generations can enjoy it too.

Specifically, we are writing to you about the Ponta da Piedade and Costa D’Oiro cliffs area. We are aware that the municipality has begun drafting plans to develop this area, and large portions of the cliffs have recently been fenced off by private interests. One of these interests is a large construction company, which is advertising the land for sale with possible construction permits.

Furthermore, the fences reach all the way to the edge of the cliffs, illegally encroaching on public land, and preventing residents or visitors from fully enjoying the area surrounding the cliffs.

Our proposals

We request:

  1. Safe access to the cliffs by removing the fences
  2. Withdrawal of any current development plans for the cliffs, or construction permits
  3. A public consultation so the community can decide with the municipality what should happen with the area. The community should have the right to vote for different project proposals as to how the area could best be used or developed

We hope that you will serve the public by accepting the above requests from us, a group of concerned citizens exercising our civic right and duty.

[The undersigned]

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Ponta da Piedade

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