Solemage - Nonprofit Organization

Solemage is a Nonprofit Organization established on December 4, 2020. Its name derives from “Solem”, a Latin word for “Sun” with the word “age”, which can have a double interpretation, namely the word “age” can be understood as an “era” and it is also an acronym for Association for a Global Endowment, whose joint meaning can be understood as an Association for a global endowment or Age of the Sun. In other words, this association aims to create an endowment, not only of a financial nature, but also of knowledge, culture and intangible assets that aim to benefit not only todays communities but also future generations.

The Association's mission and main purpose is: Contribute to the creation of a better World through the development, sharing and transfer of knowledge. The "Sun" can be understood as a metaphor for knowledge, light, goodness and kindness.


Solemage was founded by Jon Silver (also known as Jonathan Silva), an author and investor who grew up in the city of Lagos, Portugal and who, after a career in major financial centers such as Frankfurt and London where he worked at the Central Bank European, Investment Funds and Multinational companies, returned to Lagos during the Covid-19 pandemic. Shortly after his return in 2020, unfortunately, he contracted Covid-19, he found himself receiving a lot of support from the local community, this proved invaluable to his emotional and physical health and may have been key to overcoming and surviving the sickness. This experience made him realize the importance of having this spirit of self-help. Promoting that spirit in the community was one of the reasons that impelled him to create this association and this social entrepreneurship project. In addition to that, the Covid-19 pandemic underlined the importance that social, educational, cultural and recreational activities have for the well-being of all.  Jon pledged a portion of his wealth to creating an endowment to lift the spirits of those in need and to encourage the creation of a supportive community through charitable, social, cultural and recreational initiatives.

Jon is the author of the book "The adventures of the Pirate Investor" where he shares his life story, available here and on Amazon.


The activity of this association aims to contribute to the creation of a better World, focusing on two fundamental pillars to our well-being and the future generations: community and nature.


In the community pillar, this organization is planning to create a local community centers. Starting off with the first one in our founder's hometown, Lagos in Portugal. This first community center will operate at the headquarters of and will be named “SolemCabana” (the house of the Sun/light). It will be a center to support the local community, promoting social, cultural, educational and recreational  initiatives.

Ideally, this space will have room for classes and trainings, a café for the association, and a workshop. Planned activities may include: gatherings, concerts, movie nights, training, courses, art exhibits. The organization also intends to promote several prizes and award such as the young entrepreneur, writer and inventor award, and academic merit awards.


In the nature pillar, we have several activities that we are planning on realizing with the aim to promote:

  • Sustainability and sustainable development
  • Circular, green and local economy
  • Preservation and enhancement of nature
  • Biodiversity restoration and management
  • Minimize the impact on climate change
  • Promotion of greener and more environmentally friendly habits